New Fb timeline banner

Owh.. I has update my FB timeline cover/skin..err banner. hmm..what ever we call it. Yeah its looking exactly like Google Play store (Android user are familiar with that). Just spend my free time do this. U know i have many free times rite? hehehe...
By the way yeah im a Geek maybe. I dont know. I interest in gadget but not at all. I just like android smartphone base on Sony Xperia only. dun like samsung and LG. Motorola its ok too (i like razr design).. Iphone? not realy like it. but i like Apple product of Macbook Pro and Mac mini. DSLR? yeah a lil bit.. tablet? not really but i do like the Huawei mediapad the 10' one that has quadcore. ipad,galaxy tab,Xoom,Transformers prime? Hell no...

Haha.. Entry hari ini just a sembang kosong rite. Layan je la... :P

* I use xperia neo v but lately i go back with my old legend K750i. My neoV just use for 3g internet and wifi hotspot... Dunno why.huhu


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