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Posted by : admin 5 Jun 2012

Yes. I hate it.. i don't know.. this is what i feel when i do this two comic. do you ever feel doing something that your really love and in the same time you feel hate about it?  i love drawing. i love what i have. but i feel hate. hate to what? to who??.. not really sure why and what i was so hate about it....  there something wrong with me! i need to be medicated!... 

YOU SHOULD MEDICATED! *teringat ayat will ferrel dlm cite Step Brother.

Hehe.. this comic was been rejected.. thats was the reason what i being so hate. I just hate being rejected...but I never hated on what i has done especially in drawing. coz i love drawing.

I has doing this project since early 2012..and not to much good story want to tell. i know to be success is dont give up"... but its not simple to do that. I have done here... no comic art from this day at the moment.. :) dont worry, I not give up just stop a litle while or maybe a year..huhu dunno~ :p

Thats it! feel free to see my latest artwork :)
sory for my poor english.. dlu mse skolah saye x suka belajar bhasa inggeris.
and sory coz this entry was been written with mood with sumtin like egg+ABC+lemon+green peas+salt+mayonis+papaya mixed together and been non stopping ruggedly blended..errr..
And..owh!!.. 3.50AM alredi. to late. i go sleep now. thx again for reading my entry!

Psst :  Got my neo V update to 4.0.4 icecreamsandwish. Hehe realy like it. Oh yeah! I'm mobilephone geek!!!!! And i has deactive my fb account.. at the moment no fb.. coz bosan suda ngan fb. 


* apa saja makhluk atau segala gambar bernyawa yang dilukis (cth hewan,org dsb) akan menuntut nyawa mereka di hari kiamat.. - maka aku tersedar iaitu melukis bukanlah bidang yang sesuai untuk dijadikan pekerjaan utama lagi2 mata pencarian..
** mengenang perjalanan hidup dari dulu hinga sekarang. dihari2 susah memang banyak kita mengadap yang esa. kalau senang bantu lah kawan2 kalau susah mengadulah kepada tuhan. bersabar paling utama senyum selagi berdaya, simpan segala alasan. terima segala kenyataan. yang pasti Allah sentiasa memberikan yang terbaik kepada umatnya.

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